Policy Positions

Plan of Action

The National Medicaid Action Council established its initial Plan of Action based on a analysis of the existing and emerging issues in Medicaid at the federal and state levels and with consideration of all of the types of home care benefits in Medicaid. Currently, Medicaid is undergoing significant change across the country as states experiment with dramatic reforms of benefits, care delivery models, and service financing. The Affordable Care Act greatly expanded Medicaid home care opportunities while also adding millions of new Medicaid enrollees. Managed long-term care with an emphasis on community-based services is emerging as the Medicaid of the near future.

To aid the home care community in its relationship with Medicaid, the National Medicaid Action Council focuses on the development of detailed model standards for quality, delivery models, program integrity and accountability, benefit design, and payment rate specifications. This approach allows for successful advocacy before the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, state Medicaid programs, and managed care entities.



  • Ensure appropriate reimbursement rates as well as fair and appropriate compensation and benefits for Medicaid home care staff
  • Position Medicaid home care providers as strategic partners and advocates for home care programs within Medicaid managed care organizations
  • Protect and expand access to mandatory Medicaid home care and hospice benefits
  • Engage with stakeholders to develop and advocate for national uniform data sets and measureable quality outcomes in Medicaid home care, in both fee for service and managed care
  • Develop strategic alliances with home care stakeholders and increase public awareness of Medicaid home care issues

Research Projects

  • The value proposition of Medicaid home care: How much is saved by using home care?
  • Achieving accountability of existing Medicaid home care programs: How can Medicaid home care spend smart?
  • The economic model of Medicaid home care: What are the necessary criteria for payment rates?
  • The impact of home care on employment, the workforce, and the economy: Real data
  • Self-directed home care and agency model delivery approaches: Pros and Cons
Policy Blueprint