About the Council

While many decisions regarding Medicaid are made at the state level, federal financing of Medicaid far exceeds the states’ contributions. As such, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has strengthened its involvement in the state’s design and operation of Medicaid. Congress expanded its involvement with the creation of an advisory body, the Medicaid Access and Payment Advisory Commission. The shift of Medicaid to managed care, and the emergence of a small, powerful group of these entities, centralizes Medicaid activity to a great extent. A correspondingly strong voice from home care on the national and federal level is thereby an essential complement to the long-standing advocacy at the individual state level. The National Medicaid Action Council is that voice. Several prominent Medicaid home care companies recognized the need for increased Medicaid advocacy of this nature and came forward with significant support to establish the Council.

Board of Directors

Ellen Bolch

Andrea L. Devoti

Colin Roskey
Executive Director

Chris Jennings
Senior Policy Advisor

Gale Bohling
Angela Buchanan
Jean Hunhoff
Richard MacMillan
Timothy R. Rogers
Lynda Tanner

Val J. Halamandaris
Ex Officio

Thomas Moreland
Ex Officio

Denise Schrader
Ex Officio

Karen Marshall Thompson
Ex Officio